Time Passes…Traditions get stronger

The Castello di Carimate boast an ancient and noble history. The castle already existed in the twelfth century and it was the royal hunting lodge of Luchino Visconti and his dynasty in the XIV century, among whose descendants we can cite Caterina Visconti, Galeazzo Visconti, Ludovico il Moro. Illustrious figures from all over Europe found hospitality there as guests of the Visconti at hunting parties and cultural suppers, among whom was Emperor Massimiliano I of the Hapsburgs as far back as 1493. The King of Italy Umberto I of Savoia honored the Castle with his presence as King in 1885 when, from the top of the tower, in company with his generals, he observed through binoculars the maneuvers of the imperial troops.

Again, while still a prince, he was the guest of the Duchess of Genoa for a holiday at Carimate Castle in the company of his wife Margherita. In the XVIII century, when the Visconti dynasty was extinct, the Castle was purchased by the Arnaboldi Counts of Como.